Feature Creep - a high speed, twin-stick shooter 

When is a bug a feature? When the features are actually bugs!!

You find your basement overrun with "features" in need of extermination. 

Hordes of "features" will pour out from the many stairways leading to your basement. Why are there so many stairways to your basement? Why are you asking me? It's your basement!!

Game Play

You can play twin-stick with a game pad or you can use WASD to move and Mouse to point and fire.


This game showcases 6 different features, which vary in speed, health, and damage.

Windybeard Spider

Windybeard Spider

 The dangerous Windybeard spider. The fastest, and most powerful feature. Windybeard has the most health and will come at you like a madman when he's close to death. Failing to destroy the Windybeard leads to only one outcome: A Buggy Mess.



The buzzy KDO bee. KDO is also powerful, and fast. His sting will hurt, and when pushed to the brink, he'll come at you even harder. Destroy them as early as you can.



The AurynFly. AurynFly is unpredictable and fast. As with most flies, he doesn't have a lot of life, but he'll annoy the heck out of you if you let too much of them survive. 



The DrunkBug. DrunkBug is cute and cuddly (if you like cuddling bugs) but you'll soon be overwhelmed if you don't take care of the problem. Speedy like the AurynFly, and equally as fragile.



The CoffeeSnail. CoffeeSnail has a shiny dome, and like most snails, doesn't move real fast. But don't be fooled! If you let CoffeeSnail live, you'll soon find yourself in a slimy situation.



 The Krassenworm. Krassenworm is a determined "feature" of unmatched ability to wiggle and writhe it's way up your basement stairs. Don't let your guard down. The Krassenworm is one of the fastest and wiggly worms you'll ever encounter. Together with this merry band of "features", he can make your day slightly less enjoyable.

This game wouldn't have been completed without the amazing help of so many chatters on stream. We had a lot of laughs, mostly at my expense. The Twitch community is incredible.

Thanks to Kenney for putting on the jam. Below are the assets packs I used to create Feature Creep.

Image Assets:

Platformer Art: Extended Enemies

Topdown Shooter

RPG Base

Space Shooter

Shooting Gallery


KenVector Future


Retro Sounds

Music Loops

Kenney has made a ton of assets, and is creating new sets all the time. Please visit kenney.nl for his other assets, and consider purchasing his sets. He deserves it.

Install instructions

Download and Unzip the game file. Double-click FeatureCreep executable.


feature-creep-windows.zip 14 MB
Version 5 Aug 27, 2017
Feature Creep.zip 16 MB

Development log


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This kind of gameplay makes for a really fun game. Good job!

Thanks so much! For a game jam game, I was actually pretty surprised by how much fun I had with it. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think I might add some levels and maybe more difficulty over game time. What do you think?

Yeah, that sounds great! A few little additions like you mentioned and you have a full game... just watch out for feature creep!

Great work!

Thanks, man! Couldn't have done it without my stream. You guys were the rockstars. I just drove. :)